Data Harmony® content solutions enrich the structure of an organization’s valuable information assets by applying a taxonomy or thesaurus with semantic integration in the existing pipeline – with configuration options that are adaptable to the nature of incoming data.


Data Harmony software is extremely adaptable. We base technical design characteristics on IT best practices and standards that support multilingual implementations, thesaurus construction, cross-platform independence and functional interoperability with other applications.

Best practices include:

  • Efficient database design and administration principles
  • Functions on any platform: Windows, NT, Mac, Unix, Linux, Solaris
  • Available for a single user or a network
  • Password-controlled access
  • Supports a range of XML export formats
  • Handles imports with ease

Standards include:

  • Thesaurus standards such as ANSI/NISO Z39.19 and ISO 25964-1
  • Code is written in JAVA    (JAVA plug-in installs automatically)
  • Data storage is in XML 1.0 format

Data Harmony taxonomy management software is a client-server application developed using Java technologies and HTTP-based RPC (Remote Procedure Call).

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Data Harmony software offers many unique capabilities!

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