Data Harmony in Action

Version 3.9 Has New Features and Options

There are three categories in the software lineup:

Core Applications include the thesaurus production program, the central indexing engine and an XML database application:

Thesaurus MasterThesaurus Master (TM) is a thesaurus development, administration, and storage tool that streamlines user interaction with controlled vocabularies. In its design, Thesaurus Master is based on leveraging global information standards for thesaurus construction, and it offers convenient functions for the taxonomist. Product details

 MAI M.A.I. refers to Machine Aided Indexer – the natural language processing engine at the heart of Data Harmony software. M.A.I. facilitates the selection of indexing terms from authority files, taxonomies, and full-fledged thesauri. The patented semantic algorithms employed by M.A.I. were crafted by information professionals using the very best methods discovered over the course of thirty years’ experience analyzing and converting text during database construction. Product details


XIS XISis the XML Intranet System – the database module of the Data Harmony suite. The most visible aspect of XIS is a database interface (data entry screen). XIS supports user interactions with XML records, providing one-click access to M.A.I. to generate subject term indexingProduct details


DH3.9 Integrated ModulesData Harmony’s two Integrated Modules offer efficient production environments based on thoughtful integration of the core software applications:


Data Harmony offers an expanding selection of Web service Extension Modules, providing new avenues to connect information collections and publishing pipelines with the powerful Thesaurus Master and Machine Aided Indexer core applications. The extensions bring together content in new ways, operating on the basis of sound taxonomic structures, creative metadata extraction methods, and a proven approach to semantic analysis.  Slider DH Extension Modules


Data Harmony Version 3.9 has a number of extensions available, including:

 Smart Submit Smart Submit – Document Submission Generates Descriptive Metadata
Product details
 Inline Tagging Inline Tagging – Document Indexing for Inline Web Functionality
Product details
 MAI Chem MAIChem™ – Chemical Name Identification System
Product details
 Metadata Extractor Metadata Extractor – Metadata Enrichment & Document Autosummarization
Product details
 Semantic Fingerprinting Semantic Fingerprinting – Author Name Disambiguation Service
Product details
 Search Harmony Search Harmony & Recommender – Enhanced Search & Retrieval for Users
Product details
SharePoint Taxonomy Connector – Superior Subject Tagging
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