Software Information

Library School Initiative

In its continual effort to help educate the next generation of information professionals, Access Innovations, Inc. began the Library School Initiative to offer Data Harmony software, free to participating institutions.

Data Harmony® Users Group (DHUG)

Every year, Data Harmony users gather to train and discuss the latest software developments. Our DHUG conference includes announcements of new features and modules, as well as presentations by users about how they have put Data Harmony software to use – sometimes in quite unique ways. Companies partnering with Access Innovations, Inc. present their combined solutions, as well.

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Software Support

Training, supporting services, and supporting documents–everything you need to get the most out of your software.

Software Integration

Data Harmony software is designed to integrate effectively with a number of other common software programs on the market. Through the easy integration with Microsoft SharePoint, Perfect Search and others, Data Harmony is optimizing the performance of both software packages.