SharePoint Taxonomy Connector – Superior Subject Tagging

SharePoint Taxonomy Connector is a Data Harmony® extension for interacting with subject metadata in a SharePoint site, benefiting users with superior subject tagging capability to describe their content.

What the software does

This plug-in combines a controlled vocabulary stored in Thesaurus Master™ with M.A.I.’s patented semantic analysis, resulting in more comprehensive and consistent subject indexing within the ‘Shared Documents’ library of a MS SharePoint site.

SharePoint Taxonomy Connector interface

SharePoint Taxonomy Connector offers an M.A.I.™ interface for people to attach, update and compare subject tags for their documents, increasing user engagement with the metadata columns operating in the ‘Shared Documents’ library. When it’s called by a site user, Taxonomy Connector analyzes the document and returns a list of suggested terms, from which the user selects appropriate keywords.

Powered by your taxonomy – driven by MAIstro’s ‘SharePoint import format’

By enhancing metadata attached to shared documents, activating subject tagging based on concepts organized in your taxonomy, Taxonomy Connector implementation on a SharePoint site increases long-term content usefulness and improves results of document searches and other document management functions.

How to load Data Harmony terms into the extension: MAIstro™ Version 3.9 has a thesaurus export formatted specifically to drive the SharePoint Taxonomy Connector Web service. In MAIstro’s export module, selecting ‘SharePoint import format’ generates a taxonomy file ready to import into SharePoint’s ‘Metadata Services Manager.’

SharePoint Taxonomy ConnectorThe first time a Term Set is imported into the Metadata Services Manager, it will activate ThesaurusView in SharePoint, which replaces the default SharePoint ‘TermTree’ and replaces it with a richer thesaurus interface.

FeatureBrowse through all taxonomy levels

Taxonomy Connector from Data Harmony improves the site user’s experience with subject terms in SharePoint, offering a better thesaurus viewer than the default ‘TermTree.’ With Taxonomy Connector, you can browse down through all hierarchy levels and across vocabulary branches, whereas TermTree opens a view that only displays the topmost levels, by default.

Taxonomy Connector is a practical way to enrich metadata information attached to documents and reap the benefits of better-tagged content uploaded by colleagues. By improving the quality of document metadata, functions like search and retrieval are also improved, because SharePoint operations rely heavily on metadata.

Relevant content becomes easier to find, as site visitors continue leveraging M.A.I. effectively integrate their organization’s taxonomy throughout various data types stored in ‘Shared Documents.’


To implement SharePoint Taxonomy Connector, an organization needs a Data Harmony installation containing their taxonomy (or thesaurus), and the SharePoint site must be hosted on a Microsoft server.

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