Rule Base Construction Services for Fast and Accurate Document Indexing

Access Innovations, Inc., makers of the Data Harmony software suite, will form indexing rule bases to work with your data. Rule bases provide accurate, replicable, and consistent subject meta-tagging or document indexing based on a thesaurus, authority file, or other controlled vocabulary. Once formed, these rule bases can be customized to your collection and knowledge domain to work in concert with your data.

Our rule base development approach involves creating approximately 80% of the rules automatically, then developing complex rules and additional rules based on the context of the your data. This approach improves consistency and accuracy of document indexing, thus improving the overall information retrieval from search returns made by the end user.

A rule-based automatic indexing system can associate appropriate terms from your thesaurus with each item in your electronic collection. Basic, expanded, and customized rule bases are available as a complement to any thesauri, taxonomy, or controlled vocabulary.

Using a rule-based system is a proven cost-effective solution because it enables fast and precise document indexing. For more information about rule-based automatic indexing, click here.

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Data Harmony