Ontology Master – Ontology Construction and Management Module

Ontology Master is a standalone Data Harmony module for the construction, administration and storage of an ontological vocabulary.

What the software does

Ontology Master gives an organization the opportunity to import, build, test, modify and administer an ontological vocabulary (or vocabularies) oriented for the required classification system.

Here’s an example of an ontology structure for classifying aerospace content:

Ontology structure

Ontology Master interface:

Ontology Master interface

Powered by Thesaurus Master and driven by user-defined fields

The Ontology Master module is a sister product of Thesaurus Master, powered by all the strengths of that Data Harmony core application. Users define the fields for their ontology term records.

Features – excellent import module, convenient interface and wide range of exports

Import your ontology using the Import Module, then expand and refine it in the easy-to-use Ontology Master interface:

  • Add terms
  • Move terms or branches
  • Change terms, and
  • Delete terms or branches

Ontology Master presents a wide range of exceptional export formats – to really gain the most from your organization’s ontology (or ontologies!). For example, the new XML Fields export allows the user to choose which term record fields to include in their export. Number of Levels enables the user to export thesaurus terms from the first n levels, where n is a user-defined value during the export.

The new Mapping export presents an ontology production report:

  • It generates a display showing the relationships between controlled vocabulary terms before and after editing
  • This feature maps the old, outdated terms to the new, updated terms
  • Requires configuration in the Admin Module

SKOS2 and RDF triple stores are supported. The Ontology Web Language (OWL2) schema export is supported.

Implementation options

Ontology Master is available for implementation as a standalone program or integrated in a network configuration for multiple-user access through Web browsers. Storage of complete ontology data in OWL2 syntax is available. Please contact your Data Harmony Technical Representative for more details.

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