Navtree – Makes Information Retrieval More User-Friendly

NavtreeGive your users a navigation interface as intuitive as those with which they are familiar on the Internet. A navigation tree presents the terms from your thesaurus as the branches and leaves of a hierarchical tree. Each term displays the number of documents indexed with it. Each term is also a hyperlink. When a link is selected, a list of documents (also linked) is returned. Click on one of these links to view the information.

Navtree puts terms in a hierarchical list, with the broadest term at the top – in line with similar terms – listing the narrower (more specific) terms underneath the broader terms. This hierarchical list allows users to immediately understand the selected term’s meaning, and choose a different term if desired.

Search Made Simple

Around 50% of searches use this hierarchical “drill down” method. It is a particularly effective approach, since users don’t need to guess at words and expressions that may be part of the thesaurus. Instead, users are presented with words and expressions from which they may choose. A user is also able to enhance his or her personal understanding of the structure of the content and its activities as reflected by the structure of the thesaurus.

An online demonstration of an implementation of “thesaurus navigation” is available at the MediaSleuth® site, Access Innovations’ e-commerce site for educational media. Navtree complements either the MAIstro or Thesaurus Master® taxonomy management tools.

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