MAIstro™ Integrated Module

For Superior Performance Managing a Thesaurus, Integrate With Document Workflow

MAIstro is a cutting-edge software tool for accurate document indexing and taxonomy management, which can greatly enhance your overall metadata management strategy for better information retrieval.

MAIstro™ uniquely combines the functionality of Data Harmony®’s Machine Aided Indexer (M.A.I.™) and Thesaurus Master™ to simplify taxonomy management and creation for use in document indexing and metadata management.

M.A.I.™ for Document Indexing & Entity Extraction

M.A.I. is a natural language processing tool that uses a rule-based system for interactive document indexing. For document indexing that must be 100% accurate, M.A.I assists editors in the selection of indexing terms, but the editor retains control of the final selections. When large volumes of data are involved, M.A.I. can also be used for fast automatic indexing with up to 93% accuracy.

Stress-free Taxonomy Management

The Thesaurus Master® module of MAIstro is a specialized taxonomy management software tool used for the creation and maintenance of a taxonomy or the development of a full standards-compliant thesaurus. (See our TaxoDiary blog entry Why Use a Taxonomy Management Tool? for more information.)

Combining Taxonomy & Indexing Layers Creates Benefits For System Users

Since Thesaurus Master and M.A.I. are integrated in MAIstro, a categorization rule is created automatically when a thesaurus term is added, and changes to terms in the thesaurus are immediately reflected in associated M.A.I. rules. Additionally, term and rule changes are reflected in the Test MAI feature, so the editor can immediately see the effect of those changes on an indexed document.

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