MAILib™ – Automatic Document Indexing with the Library of Congress Subject Headings

A Significant Advancement in the Field of Metadata Management

MAILib incorporates the LCSH with tools to combine headings and subheadings, and follows detailed standards set in MARC 21 and the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, Second Edition. With MAILib, users are able to speed up and expand their cataloging using LCSH terms. Results can then be exported in MARC (expanded or concise), XML, or other output formats.

The MAILib system is a significant step up in the field of metadata management. For the first time, managers of electronic information resources have the ability to combine the pre-coordinate system of cataloging done by libraries with the document indexing systems used in the electronic information arena. MAILib gives a new power to information managers, to leverage their information assets and enhance their overall metadata management strategy.

It’s not only publishers and database producers that MAILib can help. Online and Web-based directory publishers, academic and corporate libraries, Web search engines, Web portals, and corporations and associations with large intranets can also benefit from using MAILib.

Here’s an example of how MAILib works:

In lines of text, such as, “Classic to ultramodern, Big Apple theaters showcase the full spectrum of design . . .,” MAILib roots out words and concepts represented in the LCSH, assigns headings and subheadings, then links the components, constructing complete and valid pre-coordinated strings according to LCSH rules. The result:

Theaters — Decoration — New York (N. Y.)
The MAILib system adds a new level of sophistication to the process of metadata management that can be used for any number of business or research purposes to enhance document indexing and information retrieval.

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Data Harmony