MAI Batch GUI – Batch Processing Interface for M.A.I.

MAI Batch GUI is the graphical user interface for batch processing, included in M.A.I.™ and MAIstro™ software installations beginning with Data Harmony® Version 3.9. (M.A.I. refers to Machine Aided Indexer.)

What the software does

MAI Batch GUI offers a great interface to run a full directory of files through the Concept Extractor, in a single operation. The software applies thesaurus terms from your specified Data Harmony (DH) indexing project to a large number of source documents. These file formats may be imported:

  • Adobe PDFs
  • MS Word DOC files
  • HTM/HTML pages
  • RTF documents
  • XML files

This new Data Harmony interface presents a fast, practical method to perform machine-aided indexing on document batches, without any need for command-line instructions… it’s user-friendly.

MAI Batch graphical user interface (GUI)

M.A.I. and MAIstro users can index their own source documents today in MAI Batch GUI, without doing any setup! With your Data Harmony 3.9 Administrative Module open and the DH project running as usual, go to ‘MAI Batch app’.

Powered by the M.A.I. Concept Extractor and driven by your taxonomy or thesaurus

MAI Batch GUI is powered by the M.A.I. Concept Extractor and driven by your controlled vocabulary (taxonomy or thesaurus).

A primary purpose of MAI Batch is to provide users of MAIstro and M.A.I. with the indexing reports that are needed to improve their rule bases, by running multiple batches of input, quickly – and logging the accuracy statistics. Another common purpose for deploying MAI Batch GUI is to achieve rapid subject indexing of legacy text collections, without hassle.

There are many other kinds of occasions to maximize your Data Harmony benefits, by leveraging this convenient interface. Please let us know how it helps you, by posting an item at the Data Harmony Users Group forum.

Features – adjustable for XML elements and exceptional for gathering statistics

XML Tags: For XML files, users have the capacity to define specific document elements for MAI Batch GUI to analyze during batch processing.

XML Settings lets you select fields for indexing

The doorway is open for indexing source files tagged according to varying XML schemas. This terrific feature also permits the exclusion during indexing of sections inside the XML document structure, as adjusted by the user.

Why would a user want to exclude a particular section while indexing a document, or batch of documents? Let’s imagine article abstracts are interfering with the appropriate terms that M.A.I. usually suggests for article body text. With XML Tags, you can, in effect, ‘turn off’ the abstract for indexing by MAI Batch GUI. The program’s output will not include subject terms that would otherwise have been triggered by text contained in any XML ‘abstract’ tags, if you set MAI Batch to ignore those tags.

MAI Batch and Log: If your imported documents already contain subject terms applied by an editor, the MAI Batch And Log component will derive statistics for inclusion in the batch’s output – logging the statistics of indexing accuracy. M.A.I.Statistics Collector generates reports providing detailed information about the accuracy statistics, that can be used for planning refinements to the rule base.

Technical documentation

For complete instructions, Data Harmony customers using M.A.I. or MAIstro should refer to the technical manuals they received during their Version 3.9 software update, either the MAIstro Project Administration Guide or the M.A.I. Batch Processing Guide.

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