Thesaurus Master™ - Taxonomy and Metadata Management Made Easy


Thesaurus Master® is a cutting edge software tool for taxonomy and metadata management. A controlled vocabulary is absolutely necessary if you want precise document indexing and accurate information retrieval. Whether you develop this vocabulary (term list, authority file, thesaurus) yourself or obtain it whole or in part from external sources, Data Harmony®'s Thesaurus Master puts you in control of the entries, the hierarchy, and the conditions of use.

Thesaurus Master lets you:

Advantages include:

Thesaurus Master also:

The optional Notation add-on Thesaurus Master also allows you to order your terms as you want—process order, chronological order, outline order, sequence order, conventional order.

Streamlined Taxonomy Management

Thesaurus Master streamlines all aspects of thesaurus and taxonomy management: development, construction, and maintenance. Thesaurus Master is designed for ease of use, no technical skills or special software knowledge is required.

Global Collaboration and Remote Taxonomy Management

You can also work in Thesaurus Master remotely connecting through WebThes, a full-featured version of Thesaurus Master that runs in a standard web browser. This feature allows you to manage your taxonomy or thesaurus from anywhere you please and also collaborate with colleagues from around the world.

Pre-Built and Custom Taxonomies Available from Access Innovations

Don't already have a taxonomy? Access Innovations has industry-specific taxonomies available to license. These taxonomies can also be customized for your unique collections.

All training in the use of Thesaurus Master and best practices for taxonomy management will be provided by to you by Access Innovations.