Data Harmony® - Expert Software for Better Metadata Management

Data Harmony offers a full suite of software tools for metadata management, including software for automatic indexing and taxonomy management. The suite includes the taxonomy management software needed to increase the effectiveness of your staff and of your collection's search tools. The Data Harmony suite is written in Java and is therefore platform-independent software. APIs and technical assistance help you integrate it with virtually any content management system—anywhere in your workflow.

Data Harmony 3.8

With new features and options, including a collaboration feature and dynamic thesaurus display.

MAIstro™ - All-in-one Package for Taxonomy Management and Document Indexing

MAIstro is Access Innovations' flagship software product. It combines the functionality of Thesaurus Master® and M.A.I., enabling automatic creation and human editing of new text categorization rules as thesaurus terms are added and changed.

M.A.I.™ (Machine Aided Indexer) Precise Human-Assisted or Automatic Document Indexing

Document indexing with M.A.I. improves information retrieval, relevance, and precision for the end user through rule-based text indexing. The rule building interface is user-friendly and transparent, enabling editors to finetune rules for maximum precision, resulting in highly accurate document indexing and information retrieval. Use M.A.I. for automatic indexing or to assist in human indexing of documents.

Thesaurus Master® - Easy-to-Use Thesaurus or Taxonomy Management Software

Thesaurus or taxonomy management made easy! Thesaurus Master software streamlines all aspects of thesaurus and taxonomy work: development, construction, management, and maintenance.

XIS® (XML Intranet System)

XIS is an XML content management system for the creation and management of XML database records in a user-friendly format, providing easy interface with Thesaurus Master and M.A.I.

Search Harmony™ - Enhanced Information Retrieval

Search Harmony is an optional feature that enhances the searcher's experience. It uses your thesaurus to suggest additional search terms to expand or to target the search results. Search Harmony also includes a hierarchical display of the thesaurus (or appropriate branches) for searchers to alternately "drill down" to the subject term best used to launch their search.

Navtree - Makes Information Retrieval More User-Friendly

Navtree is an extension of MAIstro. Navtree presents the terms from your thesaurus as branches and leaves of a hierarchical tree. The terms serve as hyperlinks to produce a list of documents indexed with those terms.

Inline Tagging - Inline Document Indexing

Inline tagging solves the frustrating problem of locating the basis for a document's categorization, pinpointing the words that prompt the indexing.

Metadata Extractor - Simple Metadata Extraction

Metadata Extractor creates an item record containing metadata fields (title, author, affiliation, date, etc.) you select. It can be used for metadata extraction of many types of digital files, from office documents and PDFs to Web pages and media clip descriptions. In combination with M.A.I. document indexing tool, the item record can include subject metadata from your vocabulary.

Entity Extractor

The Entity Extractor finds and extracts the people, places, and things as named entities from the full text of articles and provides them as XML tags. It combines multiple approaches into a flexible and reliable tool that contributes to full semantic mining of texts.

Concept Extractor - The Complete System for Metadata Management

Imagine having a full record built automatically. You choose the fields or data elements you need. Concept Extractor combines several powerful tools to make a complete all-in-one package for metadata management.

MAIChem™ - Document Indexing with Chemical Names

MAIChem categorizes patents and journal articles by chemical names and their synonyms.

MAILib™ - Document Indexing with the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH)

MAILib is a document indexing tool that indexes your content using the Library of Congress Subject Headings.

MAIQuery™ - Enhances Search Engine Performance for Better Information Retrieval

MAIQuery is an add-on to MAIstro. MAIQuery enhances search engine performance by using the uniquely tuned rule base of a business taxonomy to identify documents most relevant to the user's search word or phrase.

Author Submission System - Author Empowered Document Indexing

Data Harmony's Author Submission System provides an XML-based framework for authors to submit articles or conference papers, enter necessary metadata, and describe the content using subject terms from your organization's taxonomy with the aid of M.A.I. term suggestions.

Industry-Specific Taxonomies - Pre-built or Customized Taxonomies

Industry-specific taxonomies are knowledge domains/taxonomies you can use with DH software. You can license a finished taxonomy in a wide variety of subject areas—or Access Innovations can prepare a custom taxonomy for your particular needs.

Data Harmony Recommender

Data Harmony Recommender is built to suggest additional items which may be of interest to the searcher based on the items already retrieved.