Access Innovations and Synaptica’s joint marketing agreement brings together machine automated indexing (M.A.I.™ from Access Innovations) and a powerful thesaurus tool (Synaptica®) for a robust indexing solution designed to meet increasing global demand across various industries.

Synaptica’s SKOS export is used to update the M.A.I. rule base used in concept extraction when indexing electronic library items. Easily enhanced rules make it possible to hone in on concepts included in e-mail, documents, articles, and other collection objects. Those concepts are represented by terms contained in Synaptica’s vocabulary(ies), which are then suggested as indexing terms for the item. The collection of terms (thesaurus or ontology) can be maintained in multiple languages.

The integrated products, first successfully combined two years ago, are in turn connected to content management system(s). Items indexed with the combined system are easily retrieved by a search engine using the indexing terms to find ALL of the relevant items in the collection.

“The quality of indexing and indexing productivity increases measurably with this combined solution set and produces a clear ROI, while users quickly get the information they need. Our M.A.I. solution for machine automated indexing combined with Synaptica, a powerful thesaurus, produces the most robust enterprise-grade solution on the market,” said Jay Ven Eman, CEO of Access Innovations. “This is an excellent example of the strong APIs we have to other systems,” he added.

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Data Harmony