Data Harmony Offers Unique Capabilities

Capitalize on your information assets and benefit users who rely on them!

  • Take advantage of innovative interface designs to synergize interaction with your content
  • Extract the meaning from text and boost documents with rich metadata in the workflow
  • Accomplish subject tagging, metadata extraction and entity name disambiguation ‘on the fly’
  • Improve the search and retrieval experience for your system users
  • Reveal hidden structure in your organization’s important information assets
  • Discover metadata-enhancement opportunities for documents in a publishing pipeline
  • Categorize content objects for multiple purposes, with a controlled vocabulary (thesaurus, taxonomy or ontology)
  • Reflect strategic priorities of contributing users in the way collections are organized
  • Customize the semantic enrichment workflow based on the nature of your data
  • Implement accurate & efficient subject indexing of a document generated by the author
  • Normalize subject terms and metadata keywords based on thesaurus standards
  • Configure Enterprise- and Cloud-based operations that are not platform-dependent

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